Senior Pet Care

Our pets, unfortunately, live much shorter lives than we do. As a result, it’s our responsibility to be there for them and provide them with everything they need until the very end. As your cat or dog ages, the type of care he or she needs will change. By adjusting your pet’s diet, exercise routine, and veterinary care, you can keep your cat or dog healthy, happy, and active long into the golden years.

Senior Pet Care Services Available in Redondo Beach

As your pet’s veterinary care needs change with age, Pacific Animal Hospital adjusts our services to meet their needs. We offer the following specialized services for cats and dogs entering their golden years.

Senior Pet Wellness Exams

Senior pets usually come in for two wellness exams per year. In addition to administering vaccine boosters and talking about parasite prevention, during these appointments, we also perform a complete physical examination and run routine diagnostic tests to screen for age-related diseases. These tests might include a blood panel, urinalysis, and x-rays to check the lungs, heart, liver, and kidneys.

Senior Pet Care Counseling

Dietary needs also shift as a pet grows older. We’ll help you navigate the pet store to select foods, treats, and health supplements for your pets that contain all the nutrients they need to stay strong, healthy, and energetic.

Age-Related Disease Treatment

Many chronic diseases are more common in senior pets, including:
We’ll routinely screen your pet for these issues to ensure early detection and prompt treatment.

Pain Management

Many senior pets live with chronic pain. We offer a variety of treatment options and lifestyle adjustments to manage pain and help pets find relief.

Schedule a Veterinary Appointment for Your Senior Pet in Redondo Beach

As pets age, more frequent wellness exams often become necessary for effective health screening, pain management, and chronic disease treatment. Your veterinarian at Pacific Animal Hospital will work with you to determine a proper veterinary exam schedule for your pet. To learn more about how your pet’s veterinary care will change with age or to schedule an appointment, we welcome you to contact our office today.