Full-Service Pharmacy

At Pacific Animal Hospital, our clients and patients enjoy the privilege of using our full-service, on-site pharmacy. As our client, we welcome you to fill your pet’s prescriptions for medications and/or foods, purchase high-quality nutritional supplements, medication administration aids, and take care of all your specialized pet supply needs with the convenience of our pharmacy.

Our Full-Service Pet Pharmacy in Redondo Beach

We strive to make your pet’s veterinary care and everything that entails as convenient as possible by providing our clients with the following products available in our on-site pharmacy.

Prescription Medications

If your pet receives a prescription for a medication, you’ll be able to leave with it, too! Our pharmacy is fully stocked with high-quality medications, and we’re able to fill prescriptions for pain medications, anti-inflammatories, antibiotics, and more!

Parasite Control and Preventatives

We also offer veterinarian-recommended parasite treatments such as deworming medications and preventatives including flea, tick, and heartworm tablets, topicals, and collars. Be sure to let your veterinarian know about all pets and people living in your household before asking for a parasite prevention recommendation. Plus, always schedule a heartworm screening appointment prior to administering a heartworm preventative to a pet.

Prescription Pet Diets and Nutritional Supplements

We offer a selection of prescription pet foods formulated to help pets living with a variety of conditions.

Ask Us About Pet Prescription Delivery

We always welcome our clients to stop by our pharmacy to pick up their pets’ prescriptions in-person, but we can also usually offer prescription delivery by post. To learn more about this service or to find out if your pet’s prescription qualifies, we invite you to contact our pharmacy.

Fill Your Pet's Prescriptions at a Full-Service Pharmacy You Can Trust

When you order your pet’s medications online or from an unknown retailer, you can’t be sure you’re really getting the medication that your pet needs as it was prescribed by your veterinarian.
When you fill your pet’s prescriptions at Pacific Animal Hospital in Redondo Beach, you can rest assured that the medication you receive will be filled exactly to our veterinarian’s specifications. Plus, you’ll always receive high-quality medications, nutritional supplements, parasite preventatives, prescription pet foods, and other products sourced from trusted manufacturers and stored to maximize safety and effectiveness. So, why not save yourself an extra step by renewing and refilling your pet’s prescription medications while you’re visiting the veterinarian for a checkup?
To transfer your pet’s existing prescriptions to our pharmacy or to learn more about filling your pet’s new prescriptions and purchasing other pet supplies from Pacific Animal Hospital’s on-site pharmacy, we welcome you to contact us or to drop by after your pet’s next appointment.