Pet Urgent Care

No one plans for a pet to get sick or injured, but urgent situations with pets can still happen. Whether your cat or dog has experienced an injury or is feeling under the weather, at Pacific Pet Hospital, we’re here for you with urgent care services when your pet needs us most. From our advanced diagnostic suite and in-house pharmacy to pet surgery, our veterinarian is fully equipped to stabilize and diagnose your pet before recommending your treatment options.

When Does a Pet Require Urgent Care?

Animals instinctively mask signs and symptoms of illness and injury which can make it tough to tell when a pet is sick. Often minor behavior changes or a slightly altered appearance are enough to indicate illness. If your pet has outward signs and symptoms of illness, this can indicate a quick progression of disease or an advanced illness.
Sometimes, it can be hard to tell when a pet requires immediate care and when it can wait. Seek veterinary care right away if your pet experiences any of the following symptoms:
If you’re not sure whether your pet requires immediate care, we welcome you to contact our office to get a professional opinion before bringing your pet in. We’ll provide you with instructions to keep your pet comfortable or regarding the transport of your pet to our animal hospital.

Get Same-Day Results with Advanced In-House Diagnostics

In order to safely and effectively treat a patient, our veterinarian must first determine the underlying cause of a pet’s illness or the extent of an injury. We have a robust menu of in-house diagnostic capabilities available to our patients. This allows us to quickly diagnose patients and administer treatment right away. Our diagnostic capabilities include diagnostic imaging with digital x-rays and ultrasound and an in-house chemical laboratory for same-day lab test results.

We're Available for Urgent Care and Extended Hours in Redondo Beach

If your pet is experiencing an emergency or is otherwise in need of urgent care, our veterinarian is available and our clinic is open with extended hours Monday through Friday until 7 p.m. We happily refer clients to a highly recommended local emergency veterinary hospital for after-hours pet emergencies. We also are able to provide TPLO surgeries at our new clinic with a certified surgeon. Please make an appointment to further discuss knee surgeries. To learn more about Pacific Animal Hospital’s urgent care, pet emergency, and emergency surgery services, we welcome you to call us any time.