Prescription Pet Food

The quality of food we give our pets directly corresponds to their quality of life and longevity. All pets require a nutritious, well-balanced diet to stay healthy, playful, and active, but some pets require an extra-special diet designed to accommodate their medically necessary dietary needs. When this is the case, a Pacific Animal Hospital veterinarian might provide your pet with a prescription for a specially formulated pet food.

When Is a Therapeutic Diet Necessary for a Pet?

Prescription pet foods (also referred to as therapeutic diets) can be necessary for pets in a variety of situations. Pets with the following health concerns might benefit from a therapeutic diet or prescription pet food.
Therapeutic diets that include a combination of prescription pet food and high-quality nutritional supplements in veterinary-recommended doses can effectively manage chronic diseases, such as these, in pets.

What's the Difference Between Regular and Prescription Pet Food?

Specific ingredients contained in pet food have been clinically studied with regard to their effect on veterinary health problems. The formulations of pet foods contained in therapeutic diets are based on findings from these studies.
Sometimes, it’s not entirely clear what ingredients, in which quantities, can be found in regular, commercial pet food. Higher quality foods that are available for general sale do a better job of disclosing ingredients. For most normal and healthy pets, these brands and varieties of high-quality pet food will provide an adequately balanced diet and all of the nutrients your pet needs to thrive.
For pets with medical problems, however, dietary needs should be more specifically met. Certain ingredients should be avoided, while others are absolutely essential. The only way to be certain your pet receives the nutrients he or she needs and avoids the ones that could be dangerous is with prescription pet food.
Whether your pet requires a therapeutic diet or not, we’re always happy to provide dietary recommendations to our patients. We’ll evaluate medical history, current condition, and disease risk factors when determining the right diet for your pet.

Prescription Pet Food in Redondo Beach

If your pet has been prescribed a therapeutic diet, look no further than our full-service pet pharmacy. Pacific Animal Hospital clients can find a variety of prescription pet foods right inside our on-site pharmacy. Our high-quality prescription pet foods are sourced from trusted manufacturers, stored safely, and available to our patients.
To learn more about managing your pet’s health with a therapeutic diet, we encourage you to schedule a nutritional consultation with our veterinarian in Redondo Beach today.