When you adopt a pet, you take full responsibility for your new furry friend’s care, and that means suddenly becoming responsible for making every single choice on behalf of your pet – from choosing how much exercise and activity is right to providing a nutritious diet and ensuring your pet receives the veterinary care they need.
Through the course of your pet’s life, you will need to make a lot of choices. Sometimes, it can be tough to know what the right choice is for your pet and how to provide them with a chance at living the healthiest, happiest, longest life possible.
Consider the following tips to start making smarter choices for your pet’s health.

5 Ways to Make Better Choices for Your Pet's Health

1. Always Choose to Invest in Prevention

Investing in preventive pet care (vaccinations and parasite preventatives) is the smartest decision you can make for your pet.

2. Feed a High-Quality Diet

Nutrition is the foundation for good health. Be sure you choose a healthy, well-balanced, high-quality diet for your pet.

3. Develop Healthy Habits

One of the best ways to make better choices for your pet’s health is to turn the right choices into habits. Go for daily walks, schedule regular veterinary examinations, brush teeth (and/or feed dental-friendly treats), and always practice positive reinforcement training.

4. Know Your Pet and Be a Careful Observer

Pets can’t tell us when they feel sick, so it’s up to you to know your pet’s usual behavior and to pay close attention to any changes in appearance, energy, routine, appetite, personality, and behavior because these changes could indicate illness.

5. Pet Health Is Not One-Size-Fits-All

Pet isn’t the same for every pet. The food, activities, and veterinary care your pet needs depend on your pet’s species, breed, age, lifestyle, and medical history.

Professional Pet Advice at Pacific Animal Hospital of Redondo Beach

When it comes to making good decisions to promote health, wellbeing, and your pet’s ability to live their very best life, we always welcome you to talk with our veterinarian in Redondo Beach. We can discuss all of your pet care and veterinary care concerns and provide you with personalized recommendations for your pet’s unique lifestyle and health needs.
To learn more about personalized veterinary care and pet care recommendations, we welcome you to contact our office or schedule your pet’s next checkup with our veterinarian at Pacific Animal Hospital of Redondo Beach.