How to Pet-Proof Your Home

Dogs and cats are curious and playful. These are two reasons why we love them, but it’s also why our houses can create some pretty dangerous situations for them. Consider the following tips to protect your pets from some of the dangers lurking inside your home.

7 Tips for Pet-Proofing Your House

1. Foods

Lots of human foods are toxic for dogs and cats. Don’t leave any foods out on the counter, make sure your trash can is secure, close your dishwasher door, and install childproof locks on your cabinets to prevent curious animals from getting into anything that could be potentially poisonous.

2. Chemicals and Medications

Most household chemicals in addition to many of our medications and nutritional supplements are also toxic for pets. Store these in high cabinets, as you would to keep them from a child, to ensure your pets are safe.

3. Batteries

Batteries are incredibly dangerous if ingested. While you probably keep yours stored safely, pets can get access to them and accidentally ingest them by playing with items that contain batteries around your house.
Store your child’s battery-operated toys out of your pet’s reach and make sure your remote controls are also kept in a safe place.

4. Plants

Several indoor plants are also toxic for animals, and many can be fatal if ingested. Display in them in hard-to-reach locations or, better yet, only keep plants that are non-toxic for dogs, cats, and people in your home and garden.

5. Choking Hazards

Rubber bands, buttons, bouncy balls, and more small objects pose choking hazards to dogs and cats. If you have a pet, keep your floor clean like would if you had a baby or toddler crawling around.

6. Wires

Use wire covers to keep electric cords and cables safe from your pets – especially, if yours like to chew. You can also try coating your wires with a bit of pet-safe chewing deterrent.

7. Escape Points

Make sure your HVAC vents and dryer vent are securely covered and also add secure screens to your windows or keep them closed.

New Pet Care at Pacific Animal Hospital of Redondo Beach

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