It's National Walk Your Pet Month – Celebrate with a Healthier Pet!

It’s January, and it’s cold outside, but it’s also National Walk Your Pet Month. All of us at Pacific Animal Hospital invite you to celebrate by grabbing your pet’s harness and leash (cats are welcome, too!) and heading outside for some exercise in the brisk winter weather.

History of Walk Your Dog Month

A 2018 survey from the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention found that 56% of dogs and 60% of cats in the United States were either overweight or obese. Unfortunately, extra weight makes a big difference in a pet’s health. Being overweight puts pets at risk of health conditions such as:
Being overweight not only diminishes your pet’s quality of life but can also significantly reduce their life expectancy.
National Walk Your Pet Month was started to raise awareness about pet obesity and to encourage exercise during the season when most would rather stay inside.

More Reasons to Walk in Winter

In addition to helping pets maintain a healthy weight, walking also promotes good digestive health in pets.
Additionally, winter walks help channel your pet’s energy into a positive activity. If your pets seem to have more behavioral problems in the winter (or any time of year) it could indicate a lack of stimulation and exercise.
Last but not least, going on walks with your pets provides an opportunity for you to bond. Your pet will enjoy spending time with you and sharing the simple activity of taking a tour around the neighborhood.

Top Tips for Taking Pets on Winter Walks

1. Keep it Short and Frequent

If you don’t enjoy the cooler weather, we recommend going for shorter, more frequent walks. You and your pet will still get the same amount of exercise, but you’ll stay warmer.

2. Stay Dry

With wet fur and a cool winter breeze, a pet can quickly become too cold on a walk. Whether you’ve just given your pet a bath or you’re walking along the beach, keep a towel handy to make sure your pet’s fur is dried thoroughly before or during a walk.

Don't Forget to Schedule Your Pet's Annual Wellness Exam with Our Redondo Beach Veterinarian

In addition to getting plenty of exercise, pets need regular wellness and preventative veterinary care to stay healthy. If you haven’t done so yet, don’t forget to schedule your pet’s annual veterinary appointment for vaccine boosters, a physical examination, and parasite prevention. Contact Pacific Animal Hospital of Redondo Beach today!