How to Introduce a New Cat into Your Household

June is the height of kitten season, and it’s officially Adopt-a-Cat Month which means there will be lots of happy cats making their way into new households throughout the summer.
Whenever you choose to adopt a cat or kitten, it’s extremely important to remember that first impressions are a big deal in the world of felines. So, it’s best to do a little research and make a few preparations before introducing your new cat to the other cats in your household.

How to Introduce Your New Cat in Three Steps

1. Stay Separated at First

Set your new cat up in a single room with everything they need (food, water, and litter box). Let them adjust here for a few days, but feed both of your cats near the door so that they will be able to smell and hear each other during this time in isolation.
Once comfortable, switch your cats’ locations so that they can get further accustomed to the idea of being in the presence of another cat.

2. See Each Other for the First Time

If everything seems to be going okay – neither cat seems fearful and they aren’t growling or hissing at each other from under the door – then you can introduce them.
When you let your cats see each other for the first time, make sure they are separated by a barrier so that both cats will be completely safe.
Continue feeding them and playing with them as normal, but separated by a barrier that allows them to see each other.

3. Meet Face to Face

If everything is going well with the barrier and the cats seem somewhat comfortable (indifferent is a good sign) together, then you can let them meet face to face with no barrier. Be sure you’re there to supervise the interaction, so they will be safe, but give them some space to explore.

Establish Your Cat's Care at Pacific Animal Hospital of Redondo Beach

Congratulations on adopting a new cat! Now that your pet is comfortable at home, we encourage you to schedule a new pet appointment with our veterinarian at Pacific Animal Hospital of Redondo Beach. We’ll examine your pet, screen for early signs of any potential health problems, and help you give your new cat or kitten a healthy start in life!
To learn more or schedule an appointment, we welcome you to contact our pet hospital today.