5 Easter Treats to Keep Away From Your Pets

Easter is just around the corner, which means the bunny and a bunch of special springtime treats are, too! While we wish your whole family (fur babies included) a “hoppy” Easter holiday, we also want to wish you a safe celebration. Easter egg hunts and baskets are pretty tame for human revelers, but they do pose some threats to our pets. For a safe, cheerful Easter, keep your pets away from the following Easter treats.

1. Chocolate and Sweets

Chocolate and the sugar alcohol xylitol (commonly found in sugar-free candy) are both highly toxic for pets. If your children will be hunting for eggs filled with these ingredients, make sure your pets are kept in a safe place until all of the sweets are off the floor and out of their reach.

2. Easter Grass

Shiny, brightly colored Easter grass is a favorite filling and decoration for Easter baskets. The plastic variety, however, is quite dangerous for pets. They’ll be attracted to the stuff (because it’s fun, of course) but it can do some serious damage if a pet accidentally ingests it. Instead, fill your baskets with a non-toxic paper variety of artificial grass.

3. Plastic Eggs

Plastic eggs rattle and roll just like your pet’s other toys. However, they are not pet-safe and can easily break into sharp splinters that could perforate your pet’s esophagus or intestines if ingested.

4. Raisins, Grapes, and Nuts

Raisins, grapes, and certain kinds of nuts are all toxic for pets. Keep them away from the fruit salad, snack bowls, cinnamon rolls, and hot cross buns.

5. Spring Flowers and Bulbs

At Easter, spring flowers are just beginning to bloom. So, it’s only natural to want to fill your house with their bright colors and lovely fragrances. However, most spring flowers and their pollen, leaves, stems, and bulbs are toxic for pets. This includes lilies, daffodils, hyacinth, tulips, and more. Before you bring a new plant or bouquet into your home, check the ASPCA’s list of toxic and non-toxic plants to make sure it’s safe.

Try These Pet-Friendly Easter Activities

Instead of letting your pet miss out on all the fun, you can involve them in their very own pet-friendly activities for Easter day. Ask the Easter bunny to leave a basket filled with pet treats, toys, and chews for your cat or dog. You can also have the bunny hide some extra-smelly “eggs” around the house for your pets to find (just be sure you hide pet-safe treats in places they can easily reach). For more Easter ideas for pets or to schedule a spring-time examination, vaccine update, and parasite preventative appointment for your pet, contact Pacific Animal Hospital of Redondo Beach today.