The Mental Health Benefits of Being a Pet Owner

Most pet owners consider their pets to be fully-fledged, official members of their families, and, when pets provide such loyal companionship, it’s really no surprise! In addition to making our lives fuller, pets also have a remarkably positive impact on their humans’ mental health. These are some of the most impressive ways pets improve the mental health of their human family members.

4 Ways Pets Benefit Our Mental Health

1. Feel Less Lonely

Pets make wonderful companions. They provide unconditional love, entertainment, binge-watching partners, and someone to listen to all of your worries without judgment. Pets combat feelings of loneliness so well that they became one of the top remedies to social distancing-induced loneliness. Since the start of the pandemic, pet adoption rates skyrocketed. In fact, they were so high that some shelters didn’t have enough pets to meet the adoption demand.

2. Reduce Stress

Petting a dog or snuggling with your cat reduces the physical signs and symptoms of stress, thereby making you feel more relaxed. Individuals with pets enjoy lowered heart rate and blood pressure, more regular breathing, and relaxed muscle tension.

3. Create Social Bonds With More People

When you have a pet, you become a member of one of the best groups ever — pet owners! As a result, you’ll have more opportunities to bond with other dog or cat owners at the dog park, pet store, or while waiting at the veterinary hospital. So, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to build new friendships with people, too.

4. Be More Active

People who own pets — especially dogs that need walking — tend to be more active than people who don’t have a pet. This increased physical activity will boost your mood, reduce stress, and even relieve physical pain while your more active body releases exercise-induced endorphins.

Give Back to Your Pet With Excellent Veterinary Care in Redondo Beach

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